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2h 15min   |   English   |  Netflix  

Seven Generations Foundation

Empowering Healing, Honoring Traditions, Preserving the Amazon. We are on a collective mission to ensure the responsible use of Kambo, a sacred ancestral  medicine with transformative healing potential. By raising awareness, fostering understanding, and supporting a global network of all those in service to Kambo, we honor and preserve the cultural heritage while advocating regenerative practices.


Title: Emerald Rebirth: #KAMBO2028 "Guardians of the Forest"

Genre: Documentary Series

Featuring #KAMBO2028:

Global Initiative & Real-Time Docu-series

Episode 1: Sacred Kambo

  • Introduce the concept of Kambo as a sacred indigenous medicine with profound healing properties.

  • Follow the journey of individuals seeking alternative healing methods and their first encounter with Kambo.

  • Explore the origins and cultural significance of Kambo in indigenous traditions, highlighting its ceremonial use and spiritual connection.

  • Document the physical and emotional transformations experienced by participants during Kambo ceremonies.

  • Discuss the potential benefits of Kambo in treating various ailments and promoting overall well-being.

Episode 2: Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

  • Examine the scientific research and studies conducted on the biochemical composition and therapeutic potential of Kambo.

  • Interview experts, medical professionals, and researchers who have explored the medicinal properties and physiological effects of Kambo.

  • Showcase the collaboration between indigenous healers and scientists, combining traditional knowledge with modern research methodologies.

  • Discuss the challenges faced in validating and integrating Kambo into conventional medical practices.

  • Highlight the growing interest in Kambo among wellness enthusiasts and the integration of Kambo ceremonies into holistic healing retreats.

Episode 3: Guardians of the Medicine

  • Spotlight the indigenous communities and first nation elders who are the guardians and custodians of the Kambo tradition.

  • Explore the cultural significance and rituals surrounding Kambo ceremonies, emphasizing the role of community and ancestral wisdom.

  • Interview first nation elders and community members who share their personal experiences, stories, and teachings about Kambo.

  • Showcase the efforts of indigenous communities to preserve and protect the sacredness and integrity of Kambo amid its growing popularity.

  • Address the ethical considerations and cultural appropriation concerns surrounding the commercialization of Kambo.

Episode 4: Empowering Communities

  • Document the initiatives and projects supported by the Kambo2028 global initiative to empower indigenous communities.

  • Highlight the sustainable economic models developed by indigenous tribes, utilizing Kambo as a source of income while ensuring cultural preservation.

  • Showcase the educational programs and workshops aimed at sharing Kambo knowledge and traditions with a wider audience.

  • Feature success stories of indigenous communities using Kambo to address social and health challenges within their communities.

  • Emphasize the importance of equitable partnerships and fair trade practices to support the sustainable use of Kambo and benefit indigenous communities.

Episode 5: Kambo for the World

  • Discuss the ecological impact of the deforestation and destruction of the Amazon rainforest, the natural habitat of the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog.

  • Highlight the efforts of the Kambo2028 initiative in supporting rainforest conservation and wildlife preservation.

  • Explore sustainable practices and regenerative models that promote the protection of the Amazon ecosystem.

  • Showcase the interconnectedness between the preservation of indigenous wisdom, the health of the rainforest, and the global ecosystem.

  • Encourage viewers to take action by supporting environmental organizations, reducing their ecological footprint, and advocating for rainforest conservation.

Episode 6: Kambo2028 Legacy

  • Reflect on the accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned throughout the Kambo2028 initiative.

  • Highlight the impact of the global movement generated by Kambo2028, inspiring individuals and communities worldwide.

  • Showcase the long-term vision and legacy programs developed to ensure the sustainability of Kambo preservation efforts.

  • Feature testimonials from participants, healers, and indigenous leaders who have witnessed the transformative power of Kambo.

  • Encourage viewers to continue their journey of healing, personal growth, and environmental stewardship beyond the Kambo2028 initiative.

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