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Road Map

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At our core, Seven Generations Foundation is driven by a deep commitment to creating a regenerative, just future for all.

Over the next five years, we'll work tirelessly towards this goal by building strong partnerships with organizations that share our values, and by prioritizing community engagement and participation in all aspects of our work. By working together, we can leverage our resources and expertise to create meaningful impact that will last for generations to come.


Transforming the World in 5 Years

Year 1: Foundation and Fundraising

  • Establish strong foundations for the Kambo2028 initiative, including organizational structure, partnerships, and strategic alliances.

  • Launch a comprehensive fundraising campaign to secure over 1 million dollars, engaging individuals, organizations, and philanthropic entities passionate about environmental preservation and indigenous wisdom.

  • Conduct extensive research and documentation on the traditional and responsible use of sacred Kambo, ensuring accurate representation in the documentary series.

  • Initiate collaborations with indigenous communities, first nation elders, and conservation organizations to foster mutual understanding, trust, and cooperation.

  • Begin pre-production of the documentary series, outlining key themes, narratives, and filming locations.


Year 2: Production and Awareness

  • Intensify fundraising efforts, targeting a goal of 10 million dollars to support the production and distribution of the documentary series and associated initiatives.

  • Commence filming for the documentary series, capturing the essence of the Kambo2028 journey, featuring the stories of indigenous tribes, first nation elders, and environmental activists.

  • Conduct interviews, on-location shoots, and immersive experiences to showcase the significance of Kambo and its connection to cultural preservation, personal healing, and environmental stewardship.

  • Collaborate with experts, scientists, and conservationists to explore the ecological impact of deforestation, species loss, and climate change in the Amazon rainforest.

  • Launch a comprehensive awareness campaign through social media, screenings, and educational events to engage a global audience and inspire collective action.


Year 3: Partnerships and Strategic Grants

  • Strengthen partnerships with aligned organizations and initiatives focused on environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and sustainable development.

  • Allocate a portion of the raised funds into strategic grants, supporting grassroots projects and indigenous communities that align with Kambo2028's mission.

  • Expand outreach efforts to raise awareness about the importance of preserving indigenous wisdom, biodiversity, and ecosystem balance.

  • Foster collaborations with academic institutions, research centers, and policy-making bodies to highlight the significance of indigenous knowledge in shaping sustainable solutions.

  • Continue production of the documentary series, capturing pivotal moments, personal transformations, and inspiring stories of resilience and hope.


Year 4: Global Impact and Engagement

  • Scale up the reach and impact of the Kambo2028 initiative through strategic partnerships, media collaborations, and global screenings of the documentary series.

  • Utilize the power of the documentary series to catalyze conversations, inspire activism, and mobilize individuals and communities towards sustainable practices.

  • Host international conferences, workshops, and symposiums to exchange knowledge, ideas, and best practices for environmental conservation and cultural preservation.

  • Expand the Kambo2028 online platform to facilitate global engagement, resource sharing, and community-building among individuals passionate about our mission.

  • Collaborate with educational institutions to integrate Kambo2028 content into curricula, fostering a deeper understanding of indigenous wisdom and environmental stewardship.


Year 5: Legacy and Continued Impact

  • Celebrate the completion of the Kambo2028 documentary series, culminating in a worldwide premiere event to showcase the transformative power of the initiative.

  • Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the Kambo2028 journey, gathering feedback from viewers, partners, and communities involved in the initiative.

  • Document and publish the lessons learned, best practices, and insights gained during the five-year journey to serve as a blueprint for future initiatives.

  • Establish a legacy program to ensure the continued preservation of indigenous wisdom, support environmental initiatives, and promote sustainable practices.

  • Transition the Kambo2028 initiative into a self-sustaining entity, passing the torch to future leaders and advocates committed to the vision of healing, preservation, and environmental consciousness.

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