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Pure Heart

2h 15min   |   Language   |  Producer  Director 

As Guardians, we wholeheartedly acknowledge that our mission and purpose are intricately woven with the prayers and prophecies of the first nations people. With utmost reverence for their ancient traditions, we have been called and entrusted to play a pivotal role in sharing these sacred medicines with the world. It is through pure hearts and a profound respect for their wisdom that we embrace this sacred responsibility.


As Guardians, our role is to collaborate with and uplift the first nations communities in sharing the profound healing potential of these sacred medicines that foster unity of consciousness on Earth. We humbly recognize the importance of providing support and standing as allies in their efforts. Together, we honor their wisdom, preserve their traditions, and cultivate a harmonious relationship with these sacred ways, acknowledging the profound impact they have on individuals and the collective.

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