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Pablo Santos

Entrepreneur | Founder of #5Acts - OmniSoul - UmSó - Àse | Health Coach | Gastrologist

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My Story

A globally influenced kitchen artist  with 10+ years experience serving brands such as Mercedes Benz, Petrobras, Brazilian Presidential Office, Whole Foods, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, MGM Resorts, Hilton Hotels, and for the past four years working closely with athletes of Cirque du Soleil. Through my engagement with these global partners, the necessity to empower a worldwide movement of awareness has become a priority in my life and career.

There are five actions most Human Beings take after they are born, in sequence:


Awareness within these acts makes connection to higher consciousness and purpose, which is alive for me at every moment.

I dedicate my life to impact 1 billion people by sharing this way of being, through the gathering and gratitude power of food. #WeAreOne #UmSó


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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