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Dia Kambo is an annual global gathering that brings together diverse communities to celebrate the sacred medicine of Kambo. As a significant milestone within the Kambo2028 initiative, this transformative event unifies elders, practitioners, researchers, and supporters in a shared mission to honor and preserve the power of Kambo.

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Through immersive ceremonies, workshops, and educational sessions, Dia Kambo provides a unique opportunity for participants to experience the healing properties of Kambo firsthand and learn from its esteemed keepers. This event fosters reciprocity, respect, and gratitude, establishing a framework for sustainable collaboration with indigenous communities and generating resources to support strategic grants and partner organizations.

By joining Dia Kambo, you become part of a global movement that transcends cultural boundaries and embraces regenerative consciousness. Together, we co-create a future where Kambo's healing potential thrives, while preserving the wisdom of indigenous tribes. Let us come together, celebrate, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, cultural preservation, and global unity.

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