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The Boa Foundation operates in alliance with indigenous communities worldwide, championing the preservation and safeguarding of sacred land, culture, and ancient wisdom. The foundation extends its support to a range of projects, including strategic land buybacks, restoration of native ecosystems, cultural exchange programs, and the promotion of sustainable living solutions.


Land Conservation
The Boa Foundation works with indigenous communities to regenerate degraded ecosystems and protect biodiversity. We support strategic land buybacks, assist with permaculture, reforestation projects, and a broad spectrum of eco-friendly solutions to increase the carrying capacity of land and community.

Cultural preservation
80% of the world’s biodiversity is found in indigenous territories. The Boa Foundation stands by the cultures that help life thrive. Songs, crafts, languages, and ceremonies are as valuable as trees in the forest, because they strengthen the values that support all living beings. We believe cultural preservation is crucial for our wellbeing.

The lives of indigenous communities are greatly improved by installing eco-friendly water systems, toilets, solar panels, and other sustainable technologies. At the Boa Foundation they continue to support small but significant community projects like these.

Building Bridges
By building lasting relationships based on trust and reciprocity, the Boa Foundation serves as a bridge between indigenous communities and the global north, weaving traditional wisdom and modern technology to create a world where wisdom and knowledge come together bringing balance and lasting peace.

They facilitate a variety of learning and exchange opportunities for our sponsors and participants in Europe, the USA, and our Elders’ native lands. The purpose of these learning experiences is for people to be educated on indigenous cultures by indigenous leaders and elders. They believe the wisdom held by our indigenous communities is essential to building a future worthy for our children, grandchildren, and beyond.

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