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BIOHMA, REGENATIV's first venture focuses on ecological services and regenerative initiatives. They are dedicated to restoring and revitalizing ecosystems through regenerative design and ecological restoration practices. BIOHMA aims to preserve biodiversity, enhance soil health, promote sustainable agriculture, and contribute to the overall regeneration of natural environments.

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One of the key focuses of BIOHMA is the integration of indigenous wisdom and practices into their ecological restoration efforts. They recognize the importance of traditional knowledge and the vital role that indigenous communities play in the preservation of ecosystems. By collaborating with indigenous communities, BIOHMA seeks to empower and support their autonomy while working towards the regeneration of the land.

BIOHMA's work extends beyond ecological restoration. They also strive to create spaces and opportunities for people to connect with nature, fostering a deeper sense of reconnection and harmony with the natural world. Through educational programs, workshops, and gatherings, they promote consciousness evolution and the development of sustainable practices that align with regenerative principles.

Overall, BIOHMA is committed to promoting regenerative approaches to ecological restoration, integrating indigenous wisdom, and fostering a deeper connection between people and the environment. Through their initiatives, they aim to contribute to a more sustainable and regenerative future for our planet and its inhabitants.

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